Our unique design process allows us to make all material, quantity, and labor decisions before we finalize the project price and sign the contract. This ensures the accuracy of the proposal and prevents any unforeseen changes to the cost.


All hardscape installations include a five (5) year labor warranty as described in the Workmanship Labor Warranty.


All drainage elements, porch/deck screens, polymeric sand, mortar joints, and stone steppers, are warranted for a period of 6 months.


All paver and wall block products come with a limited lifetime manufacturer warranty. Efflorescence is not covered by Home Vista or manufacturer warranties.


The warranty does not cover damage due to construction or utility work around the home.


Warranty does not cover acts of nature, such as damage from a storm or natural disaster. Stone steppers can settle, shift, or crack over time, and this natural irregularity is not warranted.


Hardscape installations include a 5-year labor warranty for any heaping, heaving, or sinking.


Paver products come with a limited lifetime transferable manufacturer warranty on the structural integrity of its product line used in residential applications. Refer to the manufacturer’s warranty for additional details.

The Vista Guarantee

Home Vista warrants the installation of all of our products and services to be free from defects in installation & craftsmanship from the date the product installation is complete for up to FIVE YEARS of regular use.

If you need help with a Manufacturer Warranty Claim too, we are here to fight along side you and stand behind our work!

Frequently Asked

Does the workmanship warranty cover material defects?
The warranty covers all labor-related fixes. Most of our manufacturers have their own warranty policies that provide long-term protection and coverage – please inquire with us if you need a copy of the materials warranty policy for your project.
How soon are warranty claims processed and when can I expect the repair to be completed?
We normally begin reviewing the warranty claim within 24 hours. The actual repair date is dependent on an assessment of what work is required to perform the repair so it can vary, but we will keep you informed every step of the way and ensure the project work is completed in a reasonable amount of time.
Are warranties transferable to new homeowners?
The workmanship warranty is only valid for the homeowner that performed the work and is not transferable to new homeowners.
I accidentally dropped something on my patio/deck and some of the material cracked, is that covered under the warranty?
Unfortunately, general wear and tear due to accidents, and outside forces such as weather or storm damage are not covered under the warranty.

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Copyright © 2022 Home Vista. All Rights Reserved.
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