Patio paver blocks are being added to a gravel paver base.

Do More of What
You Love

Increase your outdoor living footprint
Refresh an old patio with new materials and new life
Add style and beauty to your backyard
Customize it how you like
Various styles of patio pavers form an intricate design.

Imagine the

Choose from a wide variety of styles, textures, colors, and stones to create a
whole new living space for your home with our custom patio design.

Curb Appeal

Increase the beauty and value of your home with a custom patio uniquely designed for your space.


Add an extra level of serenity and security with in-ground lighting.


From extra seating to extra space, make your custom patio a place where friends and family love to be and memories are made.


Turn your days into cozy nights with custom fire pits and fireplaces.


Our awe-inspiring custom hardscaping is cost-effective and built to last.


Choose from pavers, flagstone, or locally sourced materials to add color and contour in a design that’s completely unique to your home.

Make your dream custom patio a reality with Home Vista

Patio pavers being added on top of a sand base.

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Copyright © 2022 Home Vista. All Rights Reserved.
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