New Landscaping Loan Options

August 10, 2020by Home Vista0

Dream Landscaping for Everyone

When you take the leap and embark on a custom landscaping project, it’s crucial that the final result checks off all your must-have boxes. Still, the price tag can be intimidating. To help you access finishes and features that might at first appear to extend you beyond the limits of your budget, Home Vista offers flexible financing options. These options include Point of Sale loans that are available specifically to help you pay for your landscaping project without breaking the bank. Efficient loan schedules are available to cover credit expenses up to $100,000, helping you make your landscaping dreams a reality with Home Vista. With a simple, paperless application process, these loans are financed through Home Vista’s financing partner and are processed within a minute and return an immediate decision.

Modern Financing At Your Fingertips

With a seamless application process, Home Vista’s financing partner helps you keep track of your payment schedule, providing a statement for each payment until your loan is paid off. They service loans for consumers by working with established financial institutions to provide the funds necessary for your landscaping project. Once a loan has been authorized, they oversee the funds from different financial institutions to make them available for expenses related to your project. This all happens in minutes once you’ve submitted your application electronically.

Making Projects Possible

Aside from the convenience of point-of-sale loans, one of the reasons Home Vista decided to offer clients loan options is their accessibility. We wanted to extend any interested homeowner the opportunity to secure funds toward their desired home landscaping projects. Nearly all customers can access loan funds, though your credit score will impact your approval and the APR rate on your loan schedule. For Home Vista’s point of sale loans, we offer two financing options: a fixed APR of 9.99% for 60 months and a fixed APR of 9.9% for 120 months. Additionally, our financing doesn’t require payments or interest paid until 90 days from when the money is drawn or 30 days from the completion of the project, whichever one comes sooner. This means you can finance now and pay later. This empowers us to help make your home improvement dreams a reality.

Understanding Deferred Interest

The most common complaint about these types of funding options arises when consumers are kept in the dark about deferred interest. We want to be 100% up front about the fact that our loans don’t begin accumulating interest until 90 days from when the money is drawn or 30 days from the completion of the project, whichever one comes sooner.

Have Loan Questions?

We’re here to help. Another benefit of POS landscaping loans is that Home Vista can work with you on both ends – adjusting the specifics and budget for your project, as well as helping you to find the right financing. To find out more, or to schedule an estimate on your own outdoor living project, contact Home Vista today.

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