Composite Decking: AZEK vs. Trex

March 15, 2022by Home Vista0

Composite Decking? No Question.

Without a doubt, adding a composite deck is a spectacular way to increase the value of your home while adding to your enjoyment of your space. A well-designed deck will give you increased functional area for entertaining, grilling, or just relaxing. And thanks to innovative composite materials, you won’t have to worry about maintenance or damage from the elements. Compared to pressure-treated wood, composite decking lasts longer and is impervious to natural threats, including wind, water, mold, insects, UV Rays, and stains. While some benefits of composite decking are consistent across the industry, all materials are not created equal. Here we’d like to outline our reasons for choosing beautiful, world-class TimberTech AZEK™ decking for our projects over Trex and all the other brands on the market.

A Values-Driven Partnership

We at Home Vista appreciate the enormous impact that business decisions have on the world in which we live. Though the quality, durability, and ease of use delivered by TimberTech AZEK™ products is enough to make our choice of composite decking supplier a no-brainer, it’s the culture of the company that makes us truly excited to call AZEK a partner. As companies devoted to prioritizing the customer, working with integrity, continually improving, and just doing the right thing, Home Vista and AZEK are perfectly aligned.

Sustainable Deck Materials

AZEK Composite Decking Values flowchart graphicOne of the critical considerations facing homeowners is the sustainability of the products they buy and the companies that produce them. Many composite decking manufacturers — Trex included — make products from recycled materials diverted from the waste stream. As a company, however, AZEK™ knocks it out of the park concerning environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices. In their words, “sustainability is at our core.”  Achieving the “dynamic and sustainable future” of the building products industry through “innovations in material science” is in AZEK’s mission statement. In pursuit of this goal, the company launched in 2018 a 100K+ square-foot green recycling facility devoted to converting plastic and wood materials (sourced by recyclers) into decking material. It repurposes up to 98% of internal scrap, recycles up to 96% of its water usage via closed-loop filtration, and deliberately sources hard-to-recycle materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.

Industry-Leading Innovation

TimberTech AZEK™ leads through innovation and has built a history of firsts – PaintPro technology for better adhesion, revolutionary multi-width decking, and Alloy Armour Technology to prevent fading and staining. The company has been granted more than 100 patents across its residential and commercial businesses. This industry-defining brand is consistently pushing the envelope in its devotion to being the source of the most versatile, technically superior, and best-performing composite decking available.

Unique Among Composite Decks

Every decking company has its selling points – the features that differentiate its products from the rest. You should know that TimberTech and AZEK offer a variety of different products with a variety of characteristics. When it comes to the TimberTech AZEK™ products specifically that we install here at Home Vista, there are a few uncommon benefits. They contain no wood, so they have superior resistance to mold and moisture damage. They also naturally stay cooler to the touch (up to 30 degrees!) than competing products. AZEK’s commitment to safety is reflected in the products’ slip resistance, which is better in both wet and dry conditions than other composite brands. Color retention has been proven in third-party weather testing. And then there are the warranties.

Unbeatable Warranties

While Trex offers a 25-year Limited Residential Warranty, AZEK goes beyond with an unrivaled Limited Lifetime Product Warranty, plus a 50-year Stain & Fade Warranty! No one in the industry beats AZEK’s warranties. The structural integrity and built-in protection make it very unlikely that anything will ever go wrong with your Home Vista-built AZEK deck. But your combined warranty package from TimberTech AZEK™ and Home Vista provides comprehensive assurance should you encounter a rare problem. Most importantly, the company honors its warranties and responds to customer claims and inquiries quickly and respectfully.

Our Trusted Choice as Contractors: TimberTech AZEK™

At Home Vista, we build composite decks to last, and we stay on top of developments in the industry. To ensure the best overall quality possible, we carefully select and install the most reliable composite decking products on the market, delivered by companies that stand by their work. We’ve experienced firsthand the extraordinary quality and durability of TimberTech AZEK™ decking, and we’re confident that, especially as your deck ages, you’ll be as happy with our choice of AZEK as we are!

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